Kumail Nanjiani Slays Twitter, Has New Film

If you don’t already follow actor-comedian Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter, please do so  immediately in order to have access to gems like these:

Kumail and his wife Emily Gordon were just in Sundance hustling their new film The Big Sick, which they worked on together. It chronicles the real life serious illness/death scare Emily had when her and Kumail first started dating. Apparently Kumail was kind of a fu*kboy when they first got together (the I like you but I don’t really want a girlfriend BS) but that her horrifying health scare shocked something into him and ultimately he got his sh*t together, but not before being put through the ringer by her parents, who were understandably upset that their sick daughter’s paramour had not acted like a totally stellar dude. Life is complicated, especially when an aspiring Pakistani-American  comedian keeps his Caucasian girlfriend a secret from his family and suffers the consequences accordingly. And oh yea, the love of his life almost dies. Short and cute video of Kumail, Emily, and Judd Apatow:

The film is getting almost universally positive reviews, citing it as the new indie comedy romcom of the year, a la 50/50. There are some major Hollywood comedy heavyweights behind it, like Judd Apatow and Ray Romano, along with indie darlings like director Michael Showalter and actress Zoe Kazan, playing the role of Emily. Most importantly, the film features Holly Hunter getting into a bar fight. WE ALL WIN.

Kumail (and it seems his wife as well) seem like some of the wokest people in Hollywood. Being an immigrant himself, he is having an understandably visceral reaction to Trump’s refugee ban. I myself have been both sickened and saddened and enraged, all at the same time, while watching this administration’s insanely unconstitutional and downright cruel policies roll out. Kumail and other celebrities like him are doing their part in this: speaking up and being super pissed off. If you’re not already interwebbing with these types, then get on it.

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]